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cuckold thoughts

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Hubby in my 40s near Pasadena California. Enjoy interacting with others interested or that participate in the topping/bottoming lifestyle. Also like cuckoldry play. Curious about cuckquean play.

Marriage is currently a bit of a chaste marriage.
In 2010 our sex life worked out to only 1 interaction a month :(
In 2011 our sex life also averaged out to only 1 interaction a month :(

Things are loving (mostly), but not very often are things happening in the pelvic area. Not too often an interest from her in sex, with me or anyone else, as far as I can perceive. It is my hope to find ways to have us both want to have sex with each other a bit more often then monthly. Even 'just weekly' would be awesome.

At this point I am interested in helping our play be a bit more of 'slutty wife.'

Currently sustaining my sexual needs during the chaste times with my PC and self-love, but is not a desired long-term sustainable option.

Depending on how things evolve, it will either become:
- sex a bit more often (because that is the optimistic hope!)
- monogamy with room for play partners, most likely in a "don't ask, don't tell" or
- sexless marriage


*** Interested in finding play partners for fetish events. Also interested in friendships, discussions, and social events ***