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wifeboinc [Jul. 2nd, 2014|08:21 am]
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Wifeboinc. Was early morning, still dark outside, and wife was sleeping on her back, one thigh across my hip, so pubis open.

Don't know why I woke up, but I semi woke up. I was sleeping on my side, facing her, and my arm was accross her tummy, between belly button and pubis.

Decided I wanted to be a sexual tease, so I slowly moved my arm down, until my fingers were on her mound. Then slowly started to run my fingers up-and-down, about two inch path, every few seconds.

She started to respond in her sleep. Each time she responded I would stop, or slow down, way down, for about half a minute. I did this for I think about an hour, until light started to seep into the windows. Was great fun.

Eventually she woke up, all moist and horny from my teasing, and we had sex. I kept with the teasing theme. Really light penetration, pauses, slow thrusting now and then. Fully stopping with just the tip in. Boy did she stay wet.

Once things were well on their way, I would reach down with a hand, coat some fingers with her juices, then teasingly smear them across her lips. She responded more.

Later, reached down again, teased her ass with those same fingers, and again teased her mouth with them, in an ass-to-mouth kind of tease. She again responded favorably. This really got me off, and I blew my load soon after.

Was great fun. Know it was kinda like a small win on a lottery ticket. Unexpected. Unlikely to soon happen again. But was great fun.